Training and Workshops

Substance Abuse Treatment Training

Training in the field of substance abuse is important to increase the skills and knowledge of people working with people with substance use disorders. Our new and revised training opportunities and workshops provide the participants with the opportunity to gain technical knowledge and learn new skills with regard to substance abuse and substance use disorders.

The objectives of our training and workshops are:

  • To provide new knowledge and information about substance abuse
  • To systematically impart skills to participants to enhance learning.
  • To bring about change in the attitudes towards people abusing substances
  • To make material, knowledge and skills available to improve the treatment of substance use disorders

CPD Training Opportunities

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is the means by which people maintain their knowledge and skills related to their professional careers. CPD obligations are common to most professions and to practitioners in social service professions. Many professions define CPD as a structured approach to learning to help ensure competence to practice, through developing knowledge, skills and practical experience.

The Aurora Centre started with CPD accredited training/workshops in 2010.

Accredited Training / Workshop

Aurora Alcohol & Drug Centre

Training and workshops presented by Aurora

  • Identification and Management of Substance Use Disorders

A two-day workshop focussed on the development of basic knowledge and guidelines to identify and manage substance use disorders.

  • The Truth about Co-Dependency

A two-day workshop focussed on (revealing the truth about) co-dependency and the influence it has on the life of an affected individual. This workshop will focus on developing specific skills the professional can use during therapy to assist the individual to deal with co-dependency.

  • The Power of Purpose – Advanced Substance Abuse Course for professionals

A five-day training for professionals. This training will develop the professional’s knowledge and skills to identify and manage substance abuse disorders. This is an advanced course and gives the professional the opportunity to broaden knowledge about substances as well as substance abusers. Specific attention is given to the development of professional skills with regard to identification and management of substance use disorders.

On Request Training

Training on the following topics can be offered on request:

  • Common drugs of abuse
  • Aftercare for people with substance use disorder
  • Identification and management of substance use disorder
  • Peer Counsellor
  • The power of purpose

We are also able to compile training that is specific to the needs of the client or organisation.

Please contact the Aurora Alcohol & Drug Centre for more information on the training and workshops.

Contact person: Rethabile Lenkoe